About Deep Sun

Deep Sun is a symphonic power metal band from Switzerland, formed in 2006, with vocals, keyboard melodies, guitar riffs and bass and drums combo. Deep Sun reached the 4th Place in the Swiss album charts with the 4rd studio album Dreamland - Behind the Shades and the 11th Place with the 3rd Album Das Erbe der Welt. Deep Sun is a highly professional band that knows how to animate and carry away the audience.

Thats Deep Sun
  • Reliable and professional
  • Two chart placements (#4 / #11)
  • Epic Symphonic Metal
  • Incredible Voice
  • Powerful performance


About Rizon

Rizon's music is a focused and unique combination of powerful melodies and energetic hooks inspired by rock and metal music. The origins of the group date back to 1997. During those years, Rizon developed a cool melodic power metal tone with a charming retro touch and unique vibes. In 2022, the fifth studio album "Prime Time" was released. With even more energy and joy of playing than ever before, Rizon are burning to rock the stage again!

Thats Rizon
  • Reliable and professional
  • Powerful melodies & energetic hooks
  • Charming retro touch & unique vibes
  • Impressive stage presence
  • Energy and joy of playing